Author Services

The main purpose of this new website is to promote and sell books, but it was originally started to help and encourage new authors, especially those who just don't know where to begin.

And so I can offer two separate deals to independent authors:

1. You can pay me for editing, proofreading, typesetting and making your book presentable, then go off to self-publish with confidence.

2. Or if you want Bronwyn Editions to publish for you, I can do all of the above for free, except if you are going to print, then this cost must be paid to Lightning Source and an ISBN bought from Nielsens. I will then keep 20% commission on your royalties as payment for my editing work.

In either case, you would have to pay the cover artist yourself, or else do it yourself, because this is the only thing that Bronwyn cannot do (sadly). However, I do know a couple of good cover artists who also work freelance and do not charge the earth.

I do not usually advertise my author services, simply because I work alone and would be absolutely swamped with possible clients if I did. However, I did manage to publish 6 books in 2016, and am currently working with 2 more authors who hope to make it this year.

There are many other companies out there who claim to help new authors to self-publish. I am not saying that all of these are dishonest, because they obviously have staff to pay and overheads, like you do in any business. But they do charge loads of money which indie authors simply cannot afford. I've always thought it most unfair that authors, who are the real stars in this business, are the very last ones to receive any recognition, never mind reward. After months or even years of hard work, they then have to pay up front for editors, proofreaders, artists and printers before they have the slightest chance of selling a single book.






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