Expats Spain: No Bull Truth about Living in Spain


This is the go-to book if you are thinking about moving to Spain, covering those questions which will crop up and often, yet suspiciously, remain unanswered.
Some people buy a villa or apartment and retire on the coast, whilst others live on the outskirts of some quaint pueblo and fill their memoirs with funny stories of quirky locals and strange animals they have raised. And then there is the other side...
Mark Shearman moved to Spain in 2002 with his partner and four-year-old daughter. His observations are from a successful building contractor, owner of an estate agency and journalist.
He has included some amusing anecdotes and articles, which all promise one thing ‒ the truth. http://shermdonor.blogspot.com.es
Reading Flip Flop Flamenco, Mark's novel about a shaming debt collector will also give you a flavour of what it is like to live as an expat on the Costa Blanca.




Zorro's Last Stand (2017)

Zorro’s Last Stand follows the story of a man who chases his past to a drowsy Spanish fishing village. His search for the truth ends in a raucous gun battle between thirty ships, while the majority of the pueblo remains positioned on the beach, defending an ancient tradition. In the fray, a bunch of dysfunctional expats fight to keep their dreams of living in the sun alive.

This enigmatic novel oozes glimpses of no-bull-truth, revealing the naked underbelly of being an expat living on the Costa Blanca. This raw novel stirs up a paella of murderous gangsters, eccentric Indian bar owners, a sociopathic hotel owner and a quirky xenophobic cop. The brutal murder of a young English woman - turned prostitute, forbidden love, a donkey named Pedro, and out of work sixty-something-gossipmongers ensconced in the local bar - paint a colourful, ragtag, group of characters. If you're not cringing, you're laughing and wondering, what the hell next?










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