Pack Your Bags and Get Out! - By Dave Clarke


This is the true story of a meandering trip around the coast of Great Britain I made on the mighty Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Classic. A testing expedition of enlightenment and fulfilment that I started on 17th June and finished on 29th June 2007. That memorable ride acts as a catalyst for a further journey back through time starting in the mid fifties to present day. I battled the worse wet weather conditions on record for those twelve days in June as I recalled memories of a lifetime long gone, some good, some not so good as I travelled alone over thousands of miles on often empty roads. I recalled the early days of my childhood and school years, then onto my teens and first motorbikes, a young marriage, with all of the hardships, prejudice and trials we faced along the way. Our first faltering steps as we found and furnished our first homes together.
Some of the journeys and holidays we undertook, the initial disaster of becoming self employed and finally….
Well, you will have to read the book to find out!





Never Marry a Biker - By Elizabeth M. Clarke (Foreword by David Clarke)


This book is the follow-up to Pack Your Bags and Get Out by Dave Clarke. That story told of a 3,500 mile motorcycle trip around the coast of Great Britain in 2007 in what was the wettest June on record up to that date.
That was my story. This is my wife, Elizabeth’s: A true story told in her own words as precisely as she recalled it, with help from her sister Jean’s recollections of dates and family history from the early years and how, as a member of a large young family, living in an austerity filled world of poor housing and social degradation, she faced the early trials and pitfalls of growing up, whilst witnessing first hand the gradual demise and eventual collapse of her parents’ stormy marriage. Then the even bigger trials of meeting and marrying ‘Biker Dave’ at such a young age and how she managed to successfully juggle home, work, family commitments and money, on her own special journey through life





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