Bernie Morris

I was born in June 1946, one of the first 'Baby Boomers'. I always wanted to write, ever since I first learned to do it, by which time I joined the library at the age of 6 and read myself silly.

At first it was poetry; I never, ever thought I could write stories, apart from the odd essay in school, until 1987 when, suddenly inspired by my own children, I decided to write a book. This first attempt was giggly to say the least ~ full of typos and bad grammar. Even my kids had to put me straight. I actually typed the word: fierce 12 times on the first page! My vocabulary was that limited and I was sooo out of practice.

Undaunted and still driven, I proceeded to write 5 novels between 1987 and 1988, only one of which has ever been published (Bobby's Girl), or even typed. Most of these are still scribbled in notebooks, stuck in the loft acquiring cobwebs. Of course I went through the usual hopeful phase of all new authors, implicitly following the rules, sending to only one publisher at a time, waiting a decent interval, always sending a SAE, and thereby collecting enough rejection slips to wallpaper my house.


After doing a short story course, I quickly learned what was wrong with me. I wasn't writing 'for the market'. This meant that none of my books slotted easily into accepted genres. Most of them were a mix of sci-fi, fantasy, romance, ancient history, or mythology. So I just didn't fit anywhere, even though I knew instinctively that the world of readership was ready for a fresh outlook -- it just wasn't ready for my mix-up of genres.

I still firmly believed that one day it would be, but in the meantime I had a living to earn at my newspaper (admin/copy-runner) job, though I still continued to write whenever I had the time.
It was only in 2006, when I finally retired to take up full-time writing, that I decided what my true niche would be. I would not only write with abandon, I would also self publish and help others to do the same. Now I am completely happy in my work, I have 14 books selling on Amazon and can thumb my nose at all those Big publishers who only care about profit rather than recognising talent. Okay, so I don't make much money, but that is hardly the point. I am Bronwyn Editions and am committed to helping other new authors and readers to find them.



Books by Bernie


The Strange One: A Short Prehistoric Fantasy- By Bernie Morris

It could have been like this - we don't really know. Otherwise, where did our humanity, such as it is, actually come from?












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55 stories from 30 authors, all born in the 20th century, with interesting episodes from their childhood memories.





















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